Thursday, 26 June 2008

YOOHOO!!!! ....

Bet you all thought I'd been abducted by aliens didn't you?
Sorry ... no such luck ... just been sooo busy doing mundane day to day
stuff .. haven't had chance to update my blog.

Anyways .... Jak has tagged me ... thanks Jak!!! so here goes ....

10 YEARS AGO ....
I was working in a garage that specialised in Ferraris and I had the
AWFUL job of collecting and delivering customers Ferraris!!!!
Did lots of cross stitching ... never heard of card making back then.

1. Go to work
2. Finish 3 commissioned cards
3. Wrap a birthday present
4. Update blog
5. Only have ONE glass of wine!!!

Cheese & Onion Crisps, Cheeselets, Cheese Straws ... so I like cheese!!!

Make sure my family were well provided for .... buy a bungalow by
the sea (preferably East Coast .. love it) ... and open a craft shop!!

Huddersfield and then Holmfirth (Last of the Summer Wine Country) which is
about 5 miles out of Huddersfield.

I'll now tag the following ... sorry ladies and if you've already been tagged then
I doubly apologise!!!





Right ... think I've done what I was supposed to do .... but watch this space 'cos
I'll put some cards on here ... eventually!!!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Remember When ..... Series 2
Sweet Treats from La Pashe

"Have an Ice Day"

Love the colours on this.
On the sliding window I cut all the little ice creams
and lollies out individually, took away the blue
background and put some acetate behind and
stuck all the little ice creams on that, so it
gives the effect of glass. Looks a lot more
effective in real life.

"A pennorth of aniseed balls please"

I've used acetate again on this one.
I've cut away the middle of the weighing scale
and I've cut away the bit on the till where
the prices are. Again it looks more realistic
in the flesh.

Have a look at what Jak, Toni and Bev have been up to.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

My Dad's Card (finally)
I actually finished this card at 12.45 am, then realised
I don't have envelopes big enough for this size
(almost 8" x 8") so had to make a box, but when I
came to use my paper trimmer to cut my card
for the box, the blade jumped out of its housing and now
I can't use my trimmer!!!! Luckily my mum and dad
live next door and dad has a trimmer so I had to borrow his at
11.00 last night. Didn't tell him what for though!!!

I've used the delightful La Pashe Remember When sheets, and
for those of who that still haven't got any, you don't
know what you're missing.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Well here it is at last ... my blog.
As I'm part of the elite La Pashe Design Team thought
it was about time I did one for myself ... felt a bit like a
black sheep ... but I'm posh now like the rest of them!!!

I'll post a few cards for you to look at although
a lot of you will already have seen them before.

This one was made for young lad at work who wanted something
really special for his girlfriend and it had to be pink and
white with hearts ... so that's what he got!!!

And here's another using the Swiss Dots folder and Cuttlebug.
The deco lady is actually from a notelet that I bought and
not the wrapping paper version.

Right .. off to make my Dad's Father's Day Card ... nothing
like leaving it to the last minute is there!!!
I'll post it when it's done .. if it ever gets done .. spending far too
much time blogging and not enough card making.