Sunday, 19 October 2008

Card for Ryan

Ryan was born last Monday and it's taken me this long to make a card for him!!!!
He'll be going to school by the time he actually receives it!! Just couldn't get my head round it at all and a baby card should be one of the easiest cards to make ... shouldn't it???

Anyways .. better late than never ... and thanks to my bug and my Morehead sheets .. I got there in the end!!


Jackie said...

well it might have taken you a while to get there, but it was well worth the wait, its lovely... so cute.. well done... you can go and have that drink now lol xx

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so cute Karen and I love the blue youve used. Its smashing

Toni said...

what a cute card fab

shellshearer said...

gorgeous card hun....not seen that bug flder but its lovely


Jean said...

Very sweet Karen. Weird how inspiration can take so long to arrive, and often when you start off thinking that it's an easy subject.

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

It's a lovely card, I think baby cards are one of the hardest to do, as you know they are going to be kept forever..(well hopefully)and they need to be special, this one will be treasured I'm sure.
Chris x

sheffsue said...

So sweet and simple....made with love. I'm loving the shade of blue.

Sue x

Norma said...

Just came across your blog Karen,so been having a browse.
This card is gorgeous,love the blue you have used

Norma x