Thursday, 1 January 2009

My first 2009 card

I actually sat and made this last night .. New Year's Eve .. instead of partying and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. OK .. I didn't go partying but I did drink quite a bit of alcohol but can't have had that much cos everything looks pretty much straight on the card!!!
I used Fred's Flowers .. again .. and I'll warn you in advance .. just made another card today using the flowers, but the one I just made is quite a bit different to the others. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see that one cos not enough light here now to take a decent photo of it.

Happy New Year everyone xx


Jean said...

Very elegant Karen. Do love your ribbon bows you get them so neat.

Daisycat said...

It is beautiful Karen, I also sat and made cards instead of partying. Do you think we are getting old.

Norma said...

its gorgeous Karen.
i too made cards last night but cant say i did'nt have any drink

Norma x