Friday, 20 February 2009

Anyone for Bingo???

And still they keep coming .. Flippin' Women that is (from La Pashe).
Wish my Auntie Anne was still around .. she'd have loved this one. She lived in Hull but used to travel to the seaside town of Withernsea every week to play Bingo in the amusement arcades and I remember when we used to visit her she used to give us kids some of her winning tickets and let us choose something from the middle of the bingo stall. Oh for the good old days!!
Go and visit Jak, Toni and Jackie and see what they've been up to.


Daisycat said...

Looks wonderful have just bought the sheets today and going to make this one up so you doing this one has inspired me.

Jean said...

My Aunt Eva too Karen. Part of my childhood - I was often taken by her and allowed to mark a ticket - she probably had five or six and still kept an eagle eye on mine.
Love the card.

Norma said...

Brilliant card Karen, think i am going to be popping into imag-e-nation tomorrow to buy these

Norma x

Jak Heath said...

Brilliant again, love the number names as in kelly's eye.

Toni said...

I love this one its fabulous

Anonymous said...

Looks brilliant Karen Ive made this one for my friends 65th.You brought back memories of going to the seaside and playing Bingo there ;0)