Saturday, 6 June 2009


First time ever I've not posted a card on my blog .. but just letting you all know I'm off on my jollies tomorrow and won't be back til next Sunday.
As a lot of you will know Jak is on telly tomorrow again (Create and Craft Channel 671) with the new La Pashe sheets and myself, Jak, Toni and Jackie will be showing a few samples of these fantastic new beauties on their blogs. I'm actually doing scheduled posts (never done one before!!) so if you're lucky and I've done it right you'll get to see them .. if I've made a pigs ear of it then you'll have to wait until I get back next Sunday to see them!!! LOL!!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone .. catch you all later xx


Sylvia said...

Enjoy your holidays Karen and if the schedule works you will have to let me know how you done it.....cos I'm still learning

Sylvia R xxx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Well it worked Karen, hope you had a good holiday

Chris xx