Thursday, 8 April 2010

Last Sarah Kay ... for now!!!

I absolutely loved colouring this one in. Tried not to use too many colours as I didn't want the image to clash with the Turquoise and Black colour scheme.

And I remembered to make a list of which colours I used!!

Skin: Blush and Pale Pink
Hair: Sandstone, Caramel and Cocoa
Clothes: Cool Aqua, Duck Egg and Pastel Beige

Not sure what I'm going to colour in next .. nothings safe now I've found the colouring in bug!!! lol
Have a nice day xx


Anonymous said...

Karen it's a very beautiful card. I love your card style. Very elegant.... they look simple but I know they're not. You make them look fuss free...Love to see your work

LindaJay said...

Brilliant cad karen - just adore it.