Thursday, 24 July 2008

Another award and another new card

Firstly, thanks to Jackie for awarding me with the Brillante Award ... not gonna have enough room on my mantlepiece if I get nominated again. Seriously though .... thanks J. I know I'm supposed to nominate seven other people but I think everyone I know has already been awarded it so I'll nominate everyone!!!

While I'm here, this is a card I made for a lady at work who wants three cards making for the same person. I've already done one ... this is the second ... just one more to do and she wants them all by tomorrow ... so I'd better get my finger out.

Thanks Nikky for the image ... not sure if she's a fairy or an angel but whatever she is .. she's gorgeous.

Right best get myself off to finish the third one ... if I get time to take a piccy of it before I take it into work tomorrow ... I'll post it on here.


Jackie said...

beautiful card hun.... i'd go for fairy... lol... but what do I know?
You are more than welcome on the award.. more than justly deserved.
Cant wait to see what you come up with next !!! ... hurry up the wines going warm. x

Cazz said...

this is a truly beautiful card hun. well done xxxxxxxxxxxx

Margaret A said...

Love the fairy, Karen....she looks a happy wee soul.(maybe she's been at the wine too)

Anonymous said...

A beautiful card, Karen!

Bev said...

Stunning card Karen the colours are so pretty.,

There's something on my blog for you

Poppy said...

wow lovely card, just found you from Bev's site ,love the crad

Sue said...

Gorgeous cute card, what beautiful colours you have used.
I have left an award on my blog for you, don't worry it isn't the same as you have just received.

Andrea said...

Wow, a wonderful card!