Thursday, 10 July 2008

Don't believe this!!!!

I've been nominated again with the Brillante Award not once but twice by Jak and Jean and been tagged (again) by Liz.
Thank you so, so much ladies .. it's an honour!!

Can't think of anyone to nominate at the mo as everyone has been nominated (what a talented bunch of people we are!!!) and the tag questions are the same apart from the 5 things to do today which are:
1. Try not to cry when Samantha goes off to London for weekend with friends (she's back on Monday but boy will I miss her!!!
2. Remember to feed Sam's rabbit while she's away!!!
3. Make three cards to take into work on Monday.
4. Take chicken out of freezer
5. Only have ONE glass of wine!!!

While I'm on here might as well show you my latest card made with Tracey's brilliant flowers and backing sheets.

Absolutely love them and will add another one tomorrow when I can get a good piccy of it.

This is for no-one in particular but loved the colours so much thought I'd make it up and put it in my "just in case" box.

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