Sunday, 13 September 2009


These fabulous La Pashe sheets are up for grabs until midnight on Sunday, September 13th.

Set of Flippin Christmas - Santa's and Animals
Series 1 &2 of the Remember When
Aperture cards and foam pads

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is answer the following simple question:

Which vehicle from the Remember When series do you recall and why??

Please leave a comment with your answer and the winner will be drawn on Monday, 14th September and the results posted on here.

Good luck everybody xx


My'scardcorner said...

Hi Karen would love a chance to win these sheets Dont like being No 1 but guess someone has to be....:0) The tram is the vehicle for me as it reminds me of when I lived in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Fab prize.
My favourite has to be the ice cream van. Always remember going to my grans on a Friday night and there used to be a van come around early evening. We always used to have a cone with clotted cream on top.It was a real treat for me.
Karen xx

Greta said...

Hi Karen I love 'Flippin'. My favourite is the train. OH is a steam train fanatic & very sadly I have come to like them too lol x

Alison said...

Hi Karen my favourite would have to be the red tractor as i'm from the country.


Shirley said...

It is hard to pick just one favourite from the remember when sheets but I have to go with the Ice Cream Van because I can remember Mr Whippy. They had an ice cream factory down our street too.
Durham Lass

Shepherdess said...

Hi Karen, I just love all the La Pashe decoupage, they're just so different to everything else available. I love the Steam Train mainly because my OH has always loved them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, thanks for the chance to win these flippin great sheets.
My favourite has to be the tram as Hubby loves them and he collects model ones.

Jackie P xx

Daisycat said...

My favourite is the ice cream van as it takes me back to being a kiddie on tip toes passing money to the ice cream man wishing that I had enough pennies for a 99.

Anonymous said...

It has to be the Ice cream van for me as my Dad used to have an ice cream van and at the end of the day's work my brother and I had the ice cream that was left, yummy!!!!!!!!
Sandra (Albatera)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen
I just love the Remember When sets, and I love the car, my husband was a mechanic and it is his passion to own an old car one day??? Well perhaps,we can all dream can't we!!!
Thanks for a great Prize

Luv Lesley x

PeeJay said...

Well, 3rd time lucky hopefully - lol!!
My fave has got to be the ice cream van. Can remember listening for the chimes on a nice summers day and running down the street to buy from it. Real treat!

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Karen, I'd love to be in with a chance of winning these. I love the ice cream van but my favourite has to be the steam train as it reminds me a lot of films I watched when I was younger. Kym xxx

Trish said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for the chance to win these lovely sheets. I like the ice cream van and will be making it up for my mum's birthday for her to reminisce all the brands and flavours etc.
Your cards are lovely Karen, it was a pleasure looking through them.
Best wishes,

Sue D said...

Hi Karen, thank you for giving us a chance to own some of these gorgeous sheets. My favorite vehicle has to be the red tractor, because the man who is looking at it looks soo much like my husband that when I made the card for his birthday it made his sister laugh till tears ran down her face

Bev said...

it has to be the tractor. because it reminds me of when my son first said came out acta. bless him.

Marge said...

Hi Karen,
I came from Jak's blog & the tractor is what I recall. I'm a farm girl, so now you know why I recall that when I "remember when"!

Betz61 said...

I love the trains and the ice cream truck sure brings back memories I can here the song playing now but my very very favorite is of the tractor as it reminds me of my son in law Jeff and his old tractor of grandpas that he restored and used to cut the lawn with my granddaughter Madeline in his lap.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, my favourite is the ice cream van. It reminds me of my late uncle who used to own one when I was a child. Whenever I went to stay for a holiday with him and his family he would take me with him to do the rounds at least once every visit. How my maths would improve during these school holidays.

Jean x

Esther said...

Hi from New Zealand!
The train is by far my most favourite. My son has loved trains ever since I can remember and was spelling the all the trains names from Thomas when he was only 3.

boliver said...

Hi Karen,

I really like all the Flippin' decopage sheets. In the 'Remember When' series, I really like the car.

WendyP said...

hi Karen
huge thanks for the blog candy opportunity
My fav is the ice cream van
Hot summer evenings waiting at the kerb for Mr Whippy icecream van to arrive - oh the memories
smiles from WendyP in NZ

sash said...

The one that sticks in my mind is the train trolley with a man leaning on it I grew up in a mining village and used to see the miners comming home from work so dirty and their eyes there was always a look in their eyes but i cannot put words to it they were so tired after a shift and always thanked my lucky stars that my dad didnot have to go under ground sadly most of the miners we knew have now passed away Sue A

sash said...
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Danielle said...

This may seem silly, but since a vehicle is defined as any means in or by which someone travels or something is carried or conveyed; I think I can get away with telling you that the vehicle that evokes the strongest memory is the shopping "cart" that the elderly lady has next to her.

I am one of 7 children, and was often lost in the crowd. However, we lived next door to a wonderful, boisterous, loving, Italian family that had taken me under its wing.

The Nona or grandmother, was a beautiful woman, very elegant - she wore the most beautiful pearl necklace every day - and very kind. She loved to laugh, was very wise and smelled like flowers.

Once or twice a week she would head out to pick up a few things at a nearby shopping centre. This is about 50 years ago, so there were no malls. If I was lucky enough to be outside at the right time, she would ask me to accompany her because I was such "a wonderful helper".

I had the priviledge of pulling or sometimes pushing the cart. My favorite part was watching her argue with the vendors about the freshness of their product, watching the butcher trip over himself to please her, and then, being handed a brown paper wrapped package and very gently placing it in the cart - just so - so nothing would be "bruised".

She would constantly praise me, what a good girl I was, what an angel, how would she have managed without me, and as we walked she would impart her wisdom upon me through stories. She taught me to speak Italian, to cook, and more especially how to choose the right man for a husband - I followed her advice the second time and she was absolutely right.

Nona is long gone, but her memory lives forever in my heart.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity of reliving some of the sweetest moments in my life.



tracy said...

mine would have to be the tram because it reminds me of childhood seaside memories in blackpool with my grandparents oh what pleasant memories.
tracy x

Sonja said...

Hi Karen,
For me it has to be the tram - memories from childhood going on it to visiting grandparents on Sundays and later on going all by myself.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Foxycrafts said...

Hi Karen

I love the Flippin' series. My favourite has to be the ice cream van. Every time I see one it reminds me of the sketch that Morecambe and Wise did. Eric heard an emergency vehicle go past with the siren on, looked out of the window and said, "He's never going to sell much ice cream going at that speed!" Lovely memories of two great comedians.

Love Joan xx

WENDY said...


Thank you for the lovely prize and the opportunity to win it. The big red tractor, reminds me of happy days when I was younger and used to go and help on my cousins farm, he had a big read tractor and he used to let me ride on it with him as a treat. He had four brothers and they were like brothers to me, as I didnt have any brothers or sisters myself. Just loved those days., especially if the sun was shining. Also we used to go and help with the hop picking, real family outings they were and they had a big red tractor which we used to sit on and ride down the fields.,
oh those happy days.
I dont live far from you in The Last of the Summer Wine County.

Busy Lizzy said...

Mine has to be the mine cart. although it probably isnt tecnically a vehicle! It always reminds me of Cornwall as it is famous for it's tin mines and that in turn reminds me of my partner who is Cornish and whom I love dearly.

ajdavies59 said...

Hi Karen was a wonderful chance to win such a fantastic range. My vehicle would have to be the tram. I love seeing them at Blackpool, especially when you watch children's faces seeing them and going on them for the first time. such a grand sight of times gone by.
God bless

Linda Peterson said...

I remember the ice cream van that would come down the street. Once in awhile we actually could buy something. That would be my favorite.
Linda Peterson

Anonymous said...

Hya Karen,My favourite La Pashe Transport sheet as to be the Mr Whippy Ice cream Van.It brings back memories of my childhood days.When we used to go around the neighbourhood collecting ,Pop and Beer bottles from our Neighbours , and taking them back to the shop or local off licence shop to collect the deposits on the bottles 2D or 3D per bottle in old money . Then wait eagerely on the corner at 5pm for the van to come ,and handing over our "Bottle Cash" for a cornet.Oh how wonderful that icecream tasted.Thanks for the memoeries ducky.Hugs Cazxxxxx ( Miduck ) Imag-e-nationer.

Sonja said...

Hi Karen mine would have to be the tractor as my two kids are mad on them


Nannieflash said...

Hi Karen, I think the old tram is my favourite, as I can remember riding on one with my dad when I was a little girl, and as Im now nearly 67 and my poor dad has been gone 30 years I do so miss him. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

paola said...

Its gotta be the ice cream van with its specific tune that would alert the kids that its in the areathanks for the opportunity to win these, never seen anything like this in RSA.

dexy said...

My favourite is the tram featured in series 5, we have an open air museum nearby and my grandchildren love riding on the trams.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, First time I've seen your blog and I'm very impressed!! Great prize again. I love the Mr. Whippy Ice Cream Van because it reminds me of the good old days when ice cream vans actually came round our streets!! No longer and it's such a shame!! Big supermarkets have a lot to answer for!! Karen Pulman

Devonmaid said...

Hi Karen thanks for the chance of winning these sheets. I just love the ice cream van.

Karen W said...

For me it has to be the ice cream van, we had one that came around nightly which sold sweets and cigarettes too, as the oldest I was resonsible for looking out for "Fred" and his van, fond memories of my childhood days.
Hugs Karen x

Anonymous said...

I particularly remember the old tractor as my grandson loves tractors. His other grandad lives on a smallholding and of course there is a tractor although not quite as old!!

Ann Williams

Marilyn said...

Hi Karen,

My favourite is the car in the garage sheet, it so reminds me of the car my dad had.



banoffie said...

Hi Karen, I love the steam train but my favourite is the icecream van as it reminds me of when I was a little girl running out with my dish so I could have devonshire icecream with lots of hundreds and thousands made of chocolate on top of the icecream followed by devonshire clotted cream. Heaven if only we could turn the clock back but then we wouldn't have computers and I wouldn't be making cards or finding new friends x

veronica said...

the ice cream van - i adored Mr Whippy icecream - still do! OH would go for the train though.....

Crafty_Kitten said...

My fave has to be the ice cream van.
I remember waiting to hear the tune he used to play and excitedly running along to the van to get an ice cream, standing on tiptoe to reach the man's hand to give him my pennies and get my wonderful icecream so I could have that first lick................. mmmm the taste! It was heavenly, especially when he used to give us a couple of squirts of sauce! My favourite was a squirt of chocolate and a squirt of lime...... yummy!!
We didn't get an ice cream very often, mainly on dad's payday as an extra treat. But the memories are just as good as the ice cream was.
xx Lynn xx

Mags said...

Has to be the tractor for me too - memories of harvest time on my uncle's farm when I was a kid, and again as a teenager working on his friend's farm in Devon. oooo milk straight from the churn for breakfast after we had finished milking! and a farmhouse Christmas one year, when my mum was in hospital. Fantastic magical memories!


Anonymous said...

My fav has to be the ice cream van. I remenber one from my childhoood.

Cazzy said...

Hi Karen, I think it has to be the steam train, I remember going on one of those on a real journey as a small child.

Cazzy x

Anonymous said...

Hiya Karen
My fave would be the ice-cream van. Reminds me of playing out in the street on a warm summers evening, hearing the tinkly chimes, and running in to Mum to ask if I can have one, and loving it when she said "Yes". The sheer pleasure of it!!

Loraine x

Kimbo said...

HI Karen, thanks for the chance of winning these. I have to go for the Steam Train - I don't quite remember then in proper service here but love visiting the heritage railways around the country.
Kim x

marilync said...

Hi! I love the tram in the Tram Shop. It is so reminescent of Toronto's streetcars.

Pearly said...

Hi there Karen
I have to say my all time favorite has to be the ice cream van - mainly because my youngest son was a caeliac and had dairy allergies so wasnt allowed ice cream or the cornet - so when the van came he would stand on tip toes and sniff - the look on face still makes me smile!!
What a fantastic prize!

Kim. said...

Thanks for the chance to join in. For me it would have to be the tractor as when I was young we had a holiday home right in the heart of the countryside and everytime we were there we go to the end of the back garden and wait for the farmer to come across the fields and give us a ride on his tractor. Never once did he tell us he was too busy I often wonder if the same would happen now? mind you they would be strung up on health and safety issues now lol.
Kim xXx

PatsyB said...

What a great blog candy you are offering! Like Christmas in September!! I love the old car (looks like a Model T) because I have a picture of my grandfather standing in front of one. He is just proud as a peacock! Seems he came "calling" for my grandmother in it and she refused to ride in it! They still managed to get together but she would laugh when she told the story years later. I guess you really do "Remember When" if you look at these sets!

ursula in RSA said...

I think the old car. It takes me back to when I was a child. We didn't have a car but knew someone who did and it reminds me of his car. We used to go to visit a farm with lots of sheep and I have a photo of me at the car holding a lamb. Some yaers ago that was.
Ursula xxx

Craftie Annie, Sheffield said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you for offering the chance to win this 'flippin great' prize. So generous of you!
My favourite has to be the tram, bringing back loads of childhood memories of trips out and about with my Mum & Dad. The really special treat was to watch the conductor 'flippin' all the seats around at the terminus ready for the return journey and sometimes being allowed to help!
Thanks again
Ann xxxx

Jan M said...

Karen, thanks for t he chance to win this canday ! My vehicle has to be the ice cream van. We had one come down our street every Sunday and Mum used to send us out with a bowl to get the ice cream for tea - yummy. My borther and I used to sit listening for the music


Carol in Cyprus said...

Hi Karen
My favourite is the tram. When I was small they used to run past my house. I called them "zeelaboogins" it must have been something to do with the noise they made!

Craftingdiva said...

For me it has to be the train,It meant my summer had started. The first Saturday of the school hollidays I would be put on the train at Wolverhampton to go to Exeter St Davids. My uncle was footplate man and he would always make my breakfast on a shovel, My Nan and Grandad would collect me to go to their farm for the summer.Takes me back over 50 years.
regards Sue

terrie said...

Thanks for a chance at these wonderful sheets...
I love the tractor because it reminds me when we used to go to visit my grandparents on vacation and my grandfather was always on a tractor when we arrived there...if he wasn't too busy sometime he would give us each a ride at the end of his work day...what fond memories of him...terrie